Digital MasterHive

A 12 month mastermind group for women who are committed to seriously transforming and accelerating their professional ambitions through community, connection and leadership.

Why The Digital MasterHive

Most business owners think they have to do everything on their own... 

Most women, don't know how to ask for help or seek out help... 

Sharing your breakdowns and your successes can help you, but also those who are sharing the journey and participating in the Mastermind group as well! 

Sometimes you just need a safe space to cry, vent, laugh and through our MasterHive community, you'll make connections with other women who want the same...

The Digital MasterHive allows for women to collaborate, to see different perspectives from their own and create from brand new ideas!


The What


Fifteen committed business or professional women on a journey, who are seeking to excel in their professional and personal lives.

What you'll get


  • Two 2 hour calls a month.
  • A dedicated Facebook Group Chat with all 15 women, to connect between calls.
  • Membership to our Business Hive Academy Facebook Group
  • A support system for your business from other business owners across the globe.
  • The guidance and insight from two certified professional coaches.
  • Accountability partners to help you stay on task and keep excelling.
  • Expert guest attendees to calls covering topics on social media, marketing, public relations, and more.
  • Unlimited email access to both a business/career and personal coach.


This is for you if...


You're a woman who is truly committed to their purpose and growing their business or career. Women who are willing to be open and vulnerable so that change can happen. Women who are committed to other women as a support system. Women who are seeking to be held accountable to the growth of their business. Women who are open to honest dialog including celebrations and raw feedback.

Women who value Community, Connection & Leadership.


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