Attitude Reflects Leadership

I hear women all the time talking about starting their own business. Or being a boss babe and taking their business to the next level. I read blogs about empowering women to take on the world and this inspires me to write about women becoming LEADERS. Not...

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How to Achieve Work Life Balance

In today's day and age, it seems nearly impossible to achieve real work life balance.  We work longer hours, weekends, we work from home and spend more time with our coworkers than our families most time. So how do you achieve work life balance? Is it even a thing...

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Shift your Mindset – Change your Life

I'm going to apologize for the beginning of this blog post. It may sound more like a rant than anything else, but I have to be transparent, I see so many people searching for love, joy and financial abundance. What I don’t see A LOT of people doing, is...

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Don’t be busy – Be productive.

Our to-do lists never end. Our schedules will never not have a million things to do. We will always have chores around the house, things to do at work, piles of tasks for our businesses not to mention trying to maintain personal relationships with friends, family and...

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How to find your Passion

I was really excited to write about finding your passion, I had all these ideas and the generic 5 ways to find your passion, but then I sat down and started to remember my own journey on finding my passion. I thought my passion was to be an actress, I was...

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Not ready to be a business owner?

Angela here! I wanted to share a personal story, i think it's very important for women who are within our organization to feel confident in the decisions they make and to not let the often times overbearing expectations of others and our society overrule their own...

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