Meet Angela & Erica,

Co-founders of The Business Hive Academy & The B Hive Apiary

Meet Angela

Angela is a certified professional business coach and has been running businesses for years. She's all a human resources professional and has a unique insight on career coaching and business consulting from the human resources aspect. She's also a homeowner, red wine drinker and has a love for cooking!  Whether she's spending time with her dogs Lily and Poppy, or having a fun night out with the girls of The B Hive Apiary, Angela always loves a good time and a dance party.

Meet Erica

Erica Vargas is a Purpose and Relationship coach who supports women on the journey from fear to freedom. She hosts a podcast, In Search of Good Men, where she digs deep into how men reflect on relationships. She has two dogs, that she loves very much and recently became a homeowner! Starting The B Hive Apiary with her best friend has been the best experience of her life.

About The Business Hive Academy & The B Hive Apiary

In 2015, Erica and Angela created The B Hive Apiary as a book club for 25 women. In 3 months the club grew to over 80 women and attendance at the book club meet ups doubled. After a year of just having fun with all their new friends, Erica and Angela were encouraged by The B Hive Apiary Membership to establish The B Hive as a business. In the end of 2016, The B Hive Apiary officially became a business and expanded the event offerings to include women who were business owners and career professionals.  The business portion of The B Hive became incredibly popular, so popular that they felt the need to separate it from the social group!

In 2018, Erica and Angela launched The Business Hive Academy, expanded and uniquely positioned to help not only local women of Austin - but women all over the globe. The Business Hive Academy will feature in person events, group coaching, private coaching, online courses and seminars and so much more.  The vision of The Business Hive Academy is to empower all women to take ownership in their lives in their professions through community, connection and leadership.

The Business Hive Academy Mission Statement

To create a platform for women to connect with each other that results in attaining a rewarding personal and professional life.

If you're ready to start making changes in your life and attaining those rewarding results - check out our offerings.


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