What is your relationship with money? Are you best friends, do you avoid money, are you in love or do you feel let down by money? Your relationship with money will make a difference in how much you attract and attain. We believe everyone has the ability to build a healthy and fun relationship with money. We think a really great place to start is with these three easy steps: 





3 years ago, I changed my relationship with money from functional to FUN! I lived paycheck to paycheck and it never felt like I had enough. I realized that I was thinking of money as a one way street. The only way to make more money was from a paycheck. How many of you think this way? To redirect this mindset, I made a list of 5 different ways, other than my paycheck, that I could do to make more money. My list was comprised of spiritual readings, buying real estate, coaching contracts, investing in stock, and expanding The B Hive Apiary into the business realm. I found the more I played with different ways to make money other than a paycheck, the universe started to put all of those opportunities in front of me. It became fun like a game, how do I make more money? The value of my house has been increasing by 8k a month, my stock increases around 15% every 6 months, and my businesses are a constant stream of revenue.


Step one:  Sit down and think of 5 ways you can start making extra money in the next 3 months, be CREATIVE with it! There are endless opportunities! 





Deciding to make more money also meant looking at my current budget. I had to look at my debt and how much I needed to save before I could start to invest. I noticed where I over spent and how I could save money. For me, this meant no travel for a year. For some people it might be less eating out or taking public transportation instead of using the car. Either way, look at your budget and be very SPECIFIC on how much much money you are attracting and give it a number! This allowed me to determine that I needed 25k to start investing in stock and properties and it gave me a specific target to work towards.


Second Step:  Write down your debt, how much you money you need to continue to grow your funds, and the total amount you are trying to attract in 3 months, 6 months, a year.





The way we talk about money and our relationship with money creates our reality. Think about the words you use when describing money, words that will hurt your relationship with money are broke, bad, not enough, I can’t, don’t need it, don’t want it, it’s not about money. To start to build a great, positive relationship with money, be kind and use positive language with money. Use words like love, plenty, can’t wait to make more, I’ll make it work, good, abundant. The moment I started describing money as fun to make and exciting to see how much I can save to invest. It changed from dreading looking at money too excited to see what else was possible.

Third Step: Write down the words you find you currently use when you talk about money. If they're negative in nature - re-write them! Change those words from negative to positive and remind yourself of this daily! 


These first three steps will immediately start to change your relationship with money. Remember, it takes time and commitment like any other relationship to start to flourish. Be patient and don’t give up on this friendship because it might be the one that changes your life forever.

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