When it comes to creating goals - it's easy. There's no shortage of things we need to do to create goals around, whether it be loosing weight, eating healthy, getting new clients, getting that promotion. The possibilities are endless...it's the staying focused and committed to the goals is where we tend to drop the ball.

One of the things we've noticed with our Digital MasterHive clients is that there tends to be a to-do list a mile long that keeps us thoroughly distracted from accomplishing our goals. It's all stuff that we think are all priority number one and it's going to help us accomplish all of the things. But instead...it puts us behind, keeps us distracted and helps us to lose sight of our original goal.

So how can we stay focused on goals when there are about 18 million things happening at any given time?

It's no easy feat, but it's all about making sure you picking the right things to focus on. Prioritizing your goals and eliminating the things you think are important but really are just holding you back.

For us, it's evaluating what we have going on, figuring out what is actually going to push us forward and eliminating the rest.  It sometimes really sucks to have to eliminate things that you maybe enjoy or focus on things that you completely despise. But if it's what gets you to where you want to go...its worth it. 

For example, for us, writing blog posts can be time consuming. We've honestly had a hard time keeping up. But after some reflection on where we're at and what has, in the past, provided us with the healthiest source of traffic and conversions to our membership and our products - blog posts are where it's at.  It's not our favorite thing to do, and sometimes we just sit there with a massive case of writers block.  We know it needs to be done, we know it works. So we're adjusting to make sure we're focusing on creating quality content for our blog. 


If you're struggling with figuring out what exactly needs to stay or go, check out our Position Your Passion Workbook! It's an in-depth workbook that will ask you the right questions to get focused, eliminate miscellaneous tasks from your to-do list and help you start putting your passion first.  Not to mention, when you sign up for the workbook, you'll get a BONUS workbook - Circle of Self - Habit Tracking sheet.  If you're having trouble sticking to a new habit, try tracking it! 




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How to Narrow Down Your Priorities

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