Erica here! My first introduction to growth and development work was reading books. I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and knew there was this whole world of self-reflection and inner growth work that I knew nothing about. I started reading any book I could get my hands on. I read Eckhart Tolle, Neal Diamond Walsh, Jen Sincero and Brene Brown. Books were my introduction to true self transformation but it didn’t take long before I realized I needed more, I needed a community to integrate my new way of being, thinking, and acting.  

When you first decide to enhance your life and evolve your soul, A LOT starts to happen! You lose friends, disconnect from family and even sometimes quit your job because you realize that those things are toxic to your life and well being. You also become uncomfortable, possibly super lonely, and overwhelmed at first because you are expanding your bandwidth to live your best life. It doesn’t take long to feel the need for support, connection and a community that understands you and is on the same path of evolution.

Through the years, I have found masterminding as one of the best ways to build the support system I’ve needed to keep me accountable, emotional support and a place to express every step I’m going through. If bookclubs are the gateway drug to a more self aware lifestyle, mastermind groups are what nourishes our self growth progress.

Here’s what the best masterminds consist of:

1. A diversity of people sharing different perspectives and new ideas.
2. A group of people committed to supporting each other and keeping each other accountable.
3. A consistent schedule to meet in person or online.
4. Individuals seriously committed to accomplishing their own personal goals.
5. A safe space (in person or online) that people feel secure enough to be honest and authentic to share and give feedback to each other!

So what leads you to transition from the self guided journey of growth and development books to the connect, action driven community of a mastermind group? 

We've found that women who have committed to reading the growth and development books but still find that they're not far enough along in their personal or professional journey, need that little bit extra to really move them forward to the next step. It can make such a world of difference when you are surrounded by others in similar situations, or experiencing the same feelings and emotions as you and those people are there to cheer you on, provide you with ideas, support and a shoulder to lean on when things get really tough. But not only do they provide you with the support for your soul and your growth - but they can expand your circle in ways you didn't know possible through networking and connections outside of your day to day realm.

The B Hive Apiary started as a book club, and when we began The B Hive Academy a mastermind group was a natural evolution in our growing community! Digital MasterHive was designed for all of our career and purpose driven members to have a place to help them grow in their personal and professional lives. We have found that getting woman together to discuss their growth and development is invaluable. We've had the opportunity to witness amazing breakthroughs, success and excitement from our members. They've barreled through obstacles that were holding them back and have really started living in their purpose and with so much excitement for their next steps in life that it's made us more excited about what the future holds - for us, and for them! 

If you are interested to learning more about the Digital MasterHive program and if you feel like we are the right fit, fill out an application! 

We look forward to assisting you on your journey to up level your life!


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