Raise your hand if you have been spending this year trying to get your life in order? Maybe you have been trying to get your business up and running, looking for the perfect job or paying off debt? These could be just a few parts of your life you might be working on RIGHT NOW.  Now, raise your hand if you have any actual habits, processes or systems in place to make sure your life gets into order.

I have been coaching for about 7 years and every new client comes to me with a HUGE dream they want to accomplish. I have this purpose, I want to start living. I desire to find love and get married. I love my business but I want it move to the next level.  And without fail, when we dig down on to how to get there, they always end up at, I need to build X healthy habit. I need to get 8 hours of sleep, drink more water, talk to more strangers, spend more time at my pool. Why do we need to build small practices and healthy habits for our BIG DREAMS AND GOALS?

    1. Small consistent habits = small successes. When we create a small habit, we believe is good for us, we tend to feel better about ourselves, hopefully celebrate it and build confidence. Building confidence leads us to taking bigger leaps toward our bigger ambitions.
    2. Building practices and habits with follow through helps us build SELF-TRUST and SELF-CARE. There are four variables of trust. Sincerity, reliability, care, and credibility. When we sincerely care about our future and build practices that lead us in that direction and follow through, we start to trust our decisions (i.e. credibility) and learn to rely on ourselves. Once we build that TRUST, we will trust risker choices because we know we will follow through.
    3. Creating discipline around our practices builds trust and boundaries with people around us. When other people witness our discipline around our own self-care and healthy habits, they tend to take us more serious. They admire people who have determination and are more likely to follow or collaborate with dedicated people. It, also, makes it easier for you to set boundaries and ask for what you need.  Anyone who has ever tried to get promoted or run a business know you need to know how to ask for what you want.

The biggest take away from shaping a new life through healthy habits, practices and systems is it build SELF CONFIDENCE! “I need more confidence to do X,” is a statement I hear often from clients. How do I build confidence? My answer is always the same, commit to something and DO IT. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it just has to be one small new healthy act of self-discipline and stick to it. Once, you have formed this new practice into a habit, CELEBRATE IT! Then choose a little harder of a practice or system to implement and repeat.  Ya’ll, our whole life is just one habit after another and we have the power to form new healthy ones and level up our life or to stay exactly where we are at. You always have a choice and that’s why learning to create new patterns for your business is important.





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