Often times, there is this hidden notion in our heads that fun, free time and relationship building should be spontaneous and just be a part of our lives naturally. They should feed into our schedules cohesively and work with what we've got going on. Perhaps we don't really know that this is a belief, but subconsciously, we deep down, want that.

But here's the thing. Free time, fun activities, vacations, romance, friendships, plutonic relationships aren't always capable of being spontaneous. When we're busy - and if you're reading this blog post, we're assuming that you're a busy woman - those things on our subconscious to do list get shifted down to the bottom. With each new task, each new fire, those things keep getting pushed to the side, written off.

Relationships and fun should be 100% a part of your schedule! They won't happen if you don't plug them in your calendar. If you want to get the romance back in your relationship - schedule dates with your partner! Schedule girls nights with friends, make time in you schedule for the people you love. Your professional life will thank you for it.

We want to challenge you! Look at your calendar and look at the things that you've been wanting to do that are fun, or with a friend or a partner. What has stopped you thus far from doing those things? Lack of time? If lack of time is your reason, we want you to put one of those things on your calendar. Clear a night, or an afternoon and go do those things.

Each week, put something FUN on your calendar! Break up the work week with a happy hour with friends, or a date night. Go to a new work out class - do something for yourself! Even though it seems counterintuitive to schedule what we think should be spontaneous, it will help you take better care of yourself!

What are you going to do this week to have a little fun that is NOT work related?


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