Our Purpose

To create a platform for women to connect with each other that results in attaining a rewarding personal and professional life.

Watch the video to hear Angela & Erica talk more about our purpose and mission For the Business Hive Academy.

The Digital MasterHive

MasterMind groups are the way to build your business with the support of your community! Twice a month, we gather for our Digital MasterHive to strengthen our business community and to build our businesses!

The Academy

For the learn at your own pace crew - we've got webinars, seminars, resource libraries, workbooks, ebooks and so much more. The Academy is for Business Owners and Career Professionals alike. With Personal Development and Business Development options available for everyone.

2:1 Coaching

Whether you're looking for support in your personal life or if you're looking to level up your business or career, our 2:1 coaching program offers two coaches for the price of one. We're able to cover all of the areas in your life, career or business and support you in anyway that you need!

I always walk away with something I need...

My participation in the B Hive Digital Mastermind has provided me with by providing me with the vision, support and accountability to turn what was once just a passionate hobby of mine into a viable side hustle. It is inspiring and motivating to connect with other women who are working on their businesses and the coaching offered by Angela and Erica is of great value. I always walk away with something I need to work on to take my business to the next level and with feeling one step closer to making my dreams a reality.


~Karen Blanchette, Karen Blanchette Teaching & Coaching

The first MasterHive meeting I went to was amazing!

I joined The B Hive Apiary in late 2017.  I had already joined in activities with The B Hive and learned they could help support me while my small business grows. The first MasterHive meeting I went to was incredible! The women I spoke with during the session were encouraging, supportive and offered useful constructive feedback which helped me clarify my business focus. Additionally, the bi-weekly video meetings help reassure that I’m not a “lone ranger” in my small business woes. I can’t think of another women based community in Austin who have helped me grow Tye Cooks Austin.

~Tye Lewis, Tye Cooks Austin

It all started with Book Club. 

The B Hive Apiary, our women's social community, started with a book club. It's been the backbone of what we've created in Austin and what we love about our community - a shared love of reading and books.

It occured to us, that there was something missing from our community of bad ass female entrepreneurs and career ambitious women! A book club! So we went back to our roots and started a new book club - just for boss babes and career girls.

Because The Business Hive Academy takes our in person community and moves it online so we can reach more women, more entrepreneurs and more powerful females - we knew we had to have our book club online!

We run things to the beat of our own hive around here, so our book club is a little bit different than you might expect. But we've gotta say - it's been fun for us to plan and we're excited that you're interested in joining us!

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How to Narrow Down Your Priorities

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